Orchid House on Lana’i

While the Polar Vortex of 2014 brings record-breaking, dangerous and bitter cold to much of the United States, it’s nice to know that there’s a place on earth where orchids bloom year-long in paradise—a flower lover’s dream come true.


On social media today, the comments about the cold snap are filled with humor: “Actual thought in my head just now: -14 degrees, that’s not too bad. What’s wrong with me?”

“Strangely, -14 isn’t really that bad if the wind isn’t blowing.”

And the one that Midwesterners often ask ourselves this time of year, especially when we are dealing with a predicted high of -13 for tomorrow: “Why do we live here again?” (Usual answer: Family, roots, the people, or the glorious fall and summer weather. And, even today, it’s brilliant and sunny despite the Polar Vortex gloom and media reports.)


So it’s nice to know that somewhere out there, on the meticulous grounds and gardens of the Lodge at Koele on Lana’i, sits an Orchid House filled with hanging and potted orchids and tropical flowers–yet one more reason to love the Aloha State.



The Pines of Lana’i

The island of Lana’i is also known as the Pineapple Island. Until the late 1980s, a large portion of the island was dedicated to growing the tropical fruit—the world’s largest pineapple plantation at the time.

Lana’i is sparsely populated with approximately 3,200 residents. Lana’i City is the only town you will find here and there are just three places to stay: two Four Seasons resorts and the Hotel Lana’i. The island is blessed with gorgeous pine trees. They are everywhere and they give the island a different feel.

The pines of Lana’i City in Dole Park


We were told that this is the largest pine on Lana‘i and it graces the entry of the Four Seasons Lodge at Ko’ele, located in upcountry Lana’i.


You feel worlds away in upcountry Lana’i at the Lodge at Ko’ele. Some of the unique activities include horseback riding, croquet, archery, lawn bowling and carriage rides.


Explore the beautiful pines on bikes at the Hotel Lana’i in Lana’i City

 IMG_0696For complete relaxation, you could spend a week or more on Lana’i. Or, you could take a day trip from Maui. Or, split your stay between Lana’i and one of the other islands. The possibilities are endless.