Rooster Island

On a first visit to Kauai, you may—make that, you will—notice that there are wild roosters roaming the island, running free and waking you with their early morning crowing.

Rooster strutting his stuff

Rooster strutting his stuff

Searching for food with friends in follow

Searching for food with friends in follow

This guy thinks he rules the roost

This guy thinks he rules the roost

The story goes that these roosters, hens and little chicks are descendants of former fighting birds and domesticated birds that somehow gained freedom during a hurricane years ago. Since then, they have roamed the island freely searching for food and people to wake up with a pre-sunrise good morning hello.

No need to set an alarm clock here when you first arrive: these roosters will ensure that you are up and ready to go by 5 a.m.

Another reason they are so prevalent: They apparently do not have mongooses on Kauai, which would be a natural predator for these roaming birds.

These roosters have been the inspiration for t-shirts and other souvenirs from Kauai. We took a number of videos of these fearless roosters as they approached us looking for snacks. They seem fearless when it comes to hanging out with humans. They are on beaches, golf courses, you name it.

By the end of a week, one does get used to the roosters and you almost find them charming. Well, perhaps not charming, but certainly memorable and all part of the experience on this lush, gorgeous Hawaiian isle.


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