Sunday salsa secret ingredient

One of my favorite things to do when returning from Hawaii is to bring a taste of the islands home with us. Whether it’s macadamia nuts, special Hawaiian spices, coconut syrups, Kona coffee, decadent Maui Caramacs (yum!) and more. The options are endless. We love to give away a taste of Hawaii to friends and family, but we also like to keep a secret stash in the home pantry.

Today, my husband is making fresh salsa. We stopped by our local farmers’ market for the tomatoes, peppers, onions and cilantro.


Then, we couldn’t believe our good fortune when we remembered the special Ono Hawaiian seasoning we had purchased last March. We use this for all kinds of recipes instead of regular or kosher salt, so why not give it a try with a tiny pinch thrown in each batch. Who would have thought that homemade salsa could taste even better with a touch of aloha?




3 thoughts on “Sunday salsa secret ingredient

    • Thanks for reading! So many fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables right now. Love this time of year. Such a short window for us to enjoy the local produce. From December through May, the odds of us finding a flavorful, perfectly ripe tomato at home are zero to none.

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