Twilight at Kalahuipua’a

When the full moon rises each month, the Mauna Lani on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island hosts an evening of storytelling, Hawaiian music and entertainment at the historic Eva Parker Woods Cottage. The event is held on the Saturday closest to when the full moon rises. For the month of September, tonight is the night.

The event is for hotel guests, hotel employees and residents of Hawaii. For visitors, this is one more reason to consider a stay at this property. If I start to sound like a broken record when I describe my love for the Mauna Lani, well, I really cannot help myself. In summary, it’s a gem.
The Eva Parker Woods Cottage is next to the ancient fish ponds at the Manua Lani. It houses historical information about the area. Twilight is one way the Mauna Lani shares and preserves Hawaiian arts, customs and culture such as the traditional folk art of storytelling through music, tales and more. Danny Akaka, who serves as the Mauna Lani’s cultural historian, hosts the special event and shares his knowledge of the island’s heritage and history with guests.

There are many properties on all of the islands offering cultural and environmental activities. Stargazing, for example, with experts to share their knowledge. If you get the chance, they are well worth the time.


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